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Minimum Load Time Will Lead to Maximum Conversions

How Does Magento 2 Store Speed Impact Sales and Brand Reputation?

Are You Looking For The Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service Provider Company?

Increase Your Mobile Conversions

We Help You Increase Your Engagement and Conversion Rates Across All Platforms and Browsers While Offering Your End Consumers a Mobile Experience That is Unmatched in the Industry. Your Mobile Prospects Will Be Easily Converted and They Will Hit the Button at Lightning Fast Speed That Leads to Your Sales.

Why Go With Magento Speed and Performance Optimization Services?

For Ranking Higher on Search Engines, Website Speed is the Most Important Factor. Even Though Magento 2 is a Strong eCommerce Platform, Users will Still Leave if your Site isn’t Working Well and it has a Low Speed. As Poor Site Speed will Prove Bad for your SEO Rankings, Magento Should be Optimized to Get Good Magento Performance Optimization.

Web Server Configuration

We Set Up a Server With All the Necessary Add-ons. It Includes Installing PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and More Items Typically Lacking When We Get the Server.

Custom Code Optimization

We Find the Modules That Are Causing Complex SQL Queries and Get Them Fixed or Streamlined. We Ensure the Maximum Performance of the Website.

Media Compression

We Resize and Compress Images on the Website and Also We Make Sure That Your Product Image is Loading Fast for a Good Shopping Experience.

Front-End Optimization

We Speed Up Data Transfer Over the Network. JavaScript, HTML and CSS Are Fine-tuned by Us to Make Your Website Load Faster by a Browser.

Reduce Network Payloads

Optimize videos and sliders, use an efficient browsing caching policy, and merge and minify CSS, it helps in reducing the payload size and increases the score of your page.

Recheck your site speed

Until and Unless We Achieve the Ideal 3 Seconds Loading Time, We Keep an Eye on Your Site Performance by Continuously Checking It. This Crucial Checking Increases Your Revenue.

What Do We Improve?

Below Are Things We Always Do for Your Magento Speed Optimization :

  • We Check Server Response Time and Hosting
  • Optimize the Plugins and Remove Unnecessary Ones
  • Optimize CSS for Quick Loading
  • Optimize Media Files and Images
  • JavaScript Optimization
  • Cleanup Old Database
  • Remove Unnecessary Third-party Extensions
  • Minify Your Page’s Code
  • Delete the Unused Fonts
  • Minimize the Third-party Extensions
  • Check if There is a Flat Catalogue
  • Checking Magento Settings