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Who we are?

“Jalebit” was officially founded on 7th May 2019, but our eCommerce expertise can be traced back to more than 12+ years ago. Jalebit was founded by a few friends with the vision of becoming one of the World’s top 5 Magento development companies, by serving accurate, affordable, and prompt services to the digital stores that offer reliable access to their products and services in an online environment. We envision achieving this leadership in the industry by 2025.

We believe that those who get in touch with Jalebit will be remembered for their Devotion, Endurance, Desire, Integrity, Conscientiousness, Adore, Team-Work and Efficiency. We consider this as our core value.

“Jalebit” is the fictional name of a fully habitable galaxy, where superhumans live in a large number, in almost a trillion solar systems in the galaxy. They interact with each other on different planets with technologies unknown to humans. They live, travel, and interact with the space with their power and control. “Jalebit” adopts the name to represent the galaxy with superpowers.

Jalebit Ltd immense focus in Magento and Adobe Commerce helps eCommerce businesses to enjoy endless eCommerce experiences. Jalebit Magento Development Agency invests heavily in training its experts to master the Magento technology. Expert Magento developers at Jalebit help businesses to overcome technical hurdles, and complexity and offer unmatchable shopping experiences to customers. The professional approach of Jalebit and its Magento experts helps eCommerce businesses to improve traffic, engagement, and global reach and thereby boost their revenue multifold times.

Our Vision
“To become one among the World’s top #5 magento development companies, by serving accurate, affordable and prompt services to the digital stores that offers reliable access to their products and services in an online environment. Ceymox envisions to achieve this leadership in the industry by 2025.”

Our Mission
“Jalebit” is confident in its operational efficiency that could render multifold revenue growth from scratch for the companies that trusted Jalebit’s Magento engineering for their eCommerce.



Jalebit Magento Development Company works on the AEIOU approach to achieve 99.9% operational efficiency with immense focus on:

  • Adoption of advanced technologies : Adopts most advanced technologies after extensive R&D efforts for early technology adoption in the Magento Industry
  • Ensuring Top-notch code quality : Ensures Top-notch code quality every line they codes by overseeing the process flow in a standardized environment
  • Investing in expert-level training : Invests in continuous training to improve soft skills and build strong Magento certified experts
  • Offering high-end UI & UX experience : Offers UI & UX for high performance shopping experience
  •  Uncompromising testing process : Uncompromised multi-level testing process for high-end platform functionality.

Our Core Values :Devotion

  • Endurance
  • Desire
  • Integrity
  • Conscientiousness
  • Adore
  • Team-Work
  • Efficiency

We are “Jalebitans”. We work on an intelligent interface that triggers Human and Machine interactions to ease your operations in a digital environment. Investing in future technologies, We also explore new possibilities to serve our customers better and are always striving to improve its high operational stability, designing impeccability and high user satisfaction.

In that sense, Ceymox represents an organization with superpowers. We continue to invest in upgrading our skills, and wish to create innovative technologies.